A Week in Review – Preparing for Both Cases.

Education Whistleblower Francesco Portelos

Education Whistleblower Francesco Portelos

Ok, I’m back….

*I meant to start SCI Week, but some new evidence came in and I have to postpone for now until I process it.
*I’ve been asked not to discuss the details of what happens at the hearing as not to taint the testimony of future witnesses. Yes, it is a public hearing and the public can’t be stopped from disseminating info.

Sifting through mounds of evidence is time consuming. Extremely time consuming. Between what I already had and what was given to me on this CD 3,000 Pages of Secret DOE Emails. [Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm Enters Stage Left] , it’s like watching the all the seasons of Breaking Bad on DVR back to back. You can’t not start the next episode. “Ok, I’m going to read two more emails containing false information written about me to the CSA, CEC and Tweed and then I’m going to sleep. It’s 2am already.”

Mounds of Evidence for Portelos Defense

Mounds of Evidence for Portelos Defense

It took me a week, but I finally went through those emails. Anyone that is of interest I copy to another director I called “Wow this is great for my case.” So far I have about 172 emails in that directory. Ever hear of the phrase “I would like to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.” Well now I am as I read conversations between CEC members, CSA, Top Tweed personnel (Deputy Chancellor’s Grimm, Gibson and Suransky), Principal Hill, Office of Labor Relations, Senior Council, parents and any emails that had “Portelos” in it.

Not only were my own handful of chapter members sending private UFT emails to my administration, but to make matters worse Principal Hill and former Superintendent Erminia Claudio were sending them to Tweed and CSA union. I’m pretty sure that is a PERB violation. That’s the Public Employee Relations Board. They make sure the union and employer play nice. I’ll send those over to Adam Ross and NYSUT.

I found about seven or so IS 49 members that were disseminating private union emails to the administration. I knew they never expected me to see these…but I did. I guess they wanted to ensure they receive a satisfactory rating and got the program they wanted. So I thought long and hard…do I name names or stay silent What is my responsibility as a UFT Chapter Leader I thought of poor Teacher A and C. During lunch they sit with Teacher B and tell Teacher B all the issues they have with their classes and the way the school is run. Is it not my obligation to let those teachers know that Teacher B is disseminating information to the administration Please comment below as I named names in an email to the staff Thursday night and apparently there were upset teachers/paras in school Friday. Upset because they were named or upset because they were caught You see the information they disseminated did not only hurt me, but really hurt the rest of the staff as well. What would you have done

Having said that, members in the staff are on their THIRD ATTEMPT to recall me as chapter leader. They need one third of the chapter to sign to call a recall election. Twice they haven’t had enough. Should they succeed, they need 66% of the chapter to make it to the ballot box and check off “Recall Francesco Portelos.” I told supporters that should that happen, I would take that as a win. Why Because knowing that at least 66% of that demoralized membership of educators finally voiced their opinion about something, anything…together … would make me happy. I can’t even convince them to grieve as they are abused.

Another email I read showed that DOE Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm emailed a slew of people, including Media Relations, false information about an unauthorized demolition that may have caused asbestos exposure to students. That was one of the most disturbing out of the 1,246 emails.

In any case you think anyone is going to look into it They didn’t last January and they won’t now. “But Mr. Portelos we ran air samples a year and a half later and all was clean.”

Some other disturbing emails showed that there were actually references comparing me to Andrew Lanza. Yes, that Andrew Lanza that shot and killed 22 children! So desperate were they to push attention off themselves, that they went that far to label me a “loose cannon”. I won’t share those emails now, but it’s enough to make anyone sick.

I could go on and on about what I found, but I have to get back to putting the case together for Monday’s hearing where it really counts. Tonight…167 pages of transcript to review.

Sorry boys, but daddy won’t be able to play with you that much.


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  1. I think you were right to name names. They were trying to gain advantages from the principal by dumping on you. They behaved unethically. In addition to seeking a satisfactory rating, they may also hope that the principal overlooks their incompetence, or perhaps they might be seeking an employment position for their husband/wife. Another common reason a teacher behaves in this pathetic manner is to earn enough points to get “out of the classroom”.

  2. How did you acquire those emails on the CD A FOIL request

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