UFT Election: Feel and don’t feel.


Thank you for the amazing show of support in comments, messages, emails and calls. A lot of people have been messaging me asking me how I feel.

So let me just throw a quick blanket response and then go back to having a great weekend with the family.

First, and I believe I can speak for the rest of the UFT Solidarity team, how I DON’T feel:

Don’t feel defeated.

Don’t feel like we wasted time, money and resources. We started something and aren’t stopping.

Don’t feel that the Solidarity movement is going to stop. However, there will be an obvious and expected post election decrease in posts, especially as we approach the summer and regroup. Join us uftsolidarity.org/membership

Don’t feel that the election was 100% fair and on the up and up. More on that later.

I do feel somewhat liberated in that more time that was used for the campaign can now be used for my family, friends and upcoming federal lawsuit (Tentative trial date is August 8th).

I do feel that I’ve met some of the most amazing educators and activists and look forward to meeting a lot more.

I do feel that we have, and will continue to have, an amazing team.

I do feel we pushed the envelope and changed the playing field like no one has before.

I do feel that there is more of a chance for future partnerships with other groups.

I do feel more members will be activated, educated, mobilized and organized.

No revolution ever succeeded with just one swing.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and congratulations to the MORE/New Action caucuses for gaining 7 seats on the UFT Executive Board.


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