Arbitrator Carol Wittenberg Doesn’t Need DOE Evidence

*Note: I had to jump out of vacation mode here in Greece for this one. I cashed in my American Airlines miles and came here with my family in attempt to unwind and relax. Now since I came to Greece, I’ve really gone almost cold turkey as far as education… Continue reading

Claudio’s Coincidental Calendar – Bad at Hiding Retaliation

Was NYC DOE District 31 Superintendent Erminia Claudio just really bad at hiding retaliation You might have already read a little about our bizarre history HERE To the Claudio Calendar! See this strange sequence of events. Click to Enlarge.     By the way, her recollection of how the first… Continue reading

Dreyfus IS 49 Strategically Neglected & Primed for Co-Location

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that with the influx of co-located schools and dropping enrollment, the process would eventually hit Staten Island. To date, it was the only borough not to have a new school pushed in (co-located) into an existing. Sure we have the… Continue reading

Admin’s ” Not So Confidential” Emails Part 7- Terminating Another Teacher

Continued fromAdmin’s “Not so Confidential” Emailssegment. There was another teacher that my principal tried to terminate. There was an OSI investigation on them that comes after this interesting email to the assistant principals. The teacher was later alleged to have ripped a student’s shirt while the student was running around… Continue reading

DOE Admins Not So Confidential Emails Part 5 Psychic

Continued from Admin’s “Not so Confidential” Emailssegment. On or about January 30, 2012 the call was made to start a paper trail on me and have me terminated. My spotless record was tainted with the first three of almost thirty investigations started on me and the first two of three… Continue reading

No Termination Hearing Yet and Already Finding Issues

You can’t walk up to an officer on the street and say “See that man with the hat He just robbed that store.” I mean I guess you can, but what can’t happen is having that man arrested and put through a trial without probable cause. The same goes with… Continue reading

How I went from Hi-Tech lab to the Rubber Room

Time I was kept out of the classroom for no reason: 747 days From STEM Lab (above) to thisreassignment center (below) The short version: My name is Francesco Alexander Portelos. I am a parent and educator of Staten Islands North Shore. I was teaching technology at Berta Dreyfus IS 49… Continue reading