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Although I haven’t been the subject of school workplace bullying for quite some time, my inbox is full of messages from educators around NYC and different parts of the country.

A fellow educator, from Northcentral University, is conducting a study on workplace bullying involving teachers. She’s asked me to share. If you are interested and want to partake, then please read below and take the survey. Thank you.


“Adults Behaving Badly: Workplace Bullying in Schools” Research –
Invitation to Participate for K-12 Teachers

Dear Teacher,

I wish to invite you to participate in a study about workplace bullying. Any K-12 teacher from the United States is welcome to participate. The study will explore the nature of adult bullying in schools. This purpose of this research is to identify or describe:

• how bullying happens,
• who are the adult bullying participants,
• which aspects of the teaching job influence bullying,
• what characteristics of the school affect rates of bullying, and
• how bullying victims perceive the bullies’ personality traits

Participation involves completing an online survey consisting of 56 items. This can take 25-40 minutes.

To help protect participants:
• The survey is anonymous.
• The survey will collect gender and years of teaching experience. Teachers will be asked to identify as Special Education or General Education. Additionally, teachers will be asked if they are teaching in a private or public school.
• Your informed consent will be obtained at the start of the survey.
• You can opt out of the survey at any time.
• Data will be stored in a password-protected personal computer. Other actions will be taken to secure data.
• Data will be destroyed 7 years after completion of study.
• There are no direct benefits for participating.

The principal investigator is Ginna Myers. She is a PhD Psychology candidate from Northcentral University. Ginna is a fellow educator with 20 years of teaching experience. She can be contacted at any time via phone (916-270-7745). You can also email her at (
Please help us by forwarding this email to other teachers.

Survey link Survey LINK:

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  1. I cannot open this link. I tried with google chrome and with safari. It says Not Found.

  2. The link doesn’t work.

  3. It says the survey is currently closed.

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