Be Careful Hiring Contractor/Painter Marco Casiano

Corruption and greed come in different sizes. From giant corporations to small men like Marco Casiano from Staten Island. He alleges that he’s a contractor and truth be told he’s been to my properties a few times to paint. However, Marco Casiano took a down payment for material and decided to keep the money and not do any of the work. Then this gentleman decided to block my number as if that’s gonna make me go away.

I last met Marco with his wife Bettie Luanne Buie and her kids at Home Depot before my family and I left town for a trip. Not to leave Marco Casiano hanging with a bill until I return, I handed him and his wife a significant amount of cash to get started. The last thing I expected was months of his poor attitude and horrible excuses.

Marco Casiano Buie
Marco Casiano Buie

Careful hiring. Hope you see this before you even have him give you a quote. Word is that he also does work for Razor Sharp Home Improvements. I don’t know much about that company, but be careful having Marco in your home.

I have found and called their family members online. One aunt of Bettie Luanne wrote back “I’m not surprised. I heard he was no good.”

Bettie went as far as to tell members that her husband doesn’t owe me anything even through she was there glowing at the cash he was handed.

Bettie Luanne Buie Casiano
Bettie Luanne Buie Casiano

Just be careful if you do hire him.

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  1. Kiew Choo Steshenko

    Yes, one has to be so very careful when hiring contractors.
    Was bitten bigtime once!!! And phobia still remains.
    Lesson is NEVER to give money in advance.
    One way might be to get total cost of project. Pay directly to store for materials needed (work out as per need/work cycle), then later deduct from total cost.
    This still doesn’t guarantee that work will get done or that the work might not get dragged on.
    Have also heard from contractors who fear they won’t get paid. Ha, ha, ha! The homeowner has not the mobility of a snake. Recommendations on contractors with integrity always welcomed.

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