DOE Admin’s “Not So Confidential” Emails – Part 2 – The Audit

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DOE Administrators Not So Confidential Emails Part 1 Integrity

I was removed April 26, 2012. I did not give up then nor I have I given up now. In early May I was placed in a small basement storage room (seen in this NY Post Article). From thattiny roomI wrote the following email to the School Leadership TeamChairperson and copied many relevant people.


From: Mr. Portelos <>
Date: Mon, May 7, 2012 at 3:25 PM
Subject: SLT Meeting at R049
To: “Abramowitz Susanne (31R049)” <>
Cc: Gordon Andrew <>, “Hill Linda (31R049)” <>,, Cathy Carlson <>, Bryan Glass <>, diane vines <>, Sherina Peterkin <>, “Jusino Ruthie (31R049)” <>,, “Candia Richard (31R049)” <>,,
Dear SLT Chairperson Susanne Abramowitz,
I would like to attend tomorrow’s IS 49 SLT meeting at school. As I have been told I am still a staff member, registered on the Galaxy Budget Allocations and payroll. My commitment and dedication to Berta Dreyfus has not wavered at all since my reassignment and I do not see why I would not be able to participate. If my physical presence in the school is a problem then perhaps we can use advanced technology and conference call me in. I would like to say that I already do not approve of the April 3rd minutes and am confused as to how they were made public prior to being accepted at our May 8th meeting. That is in violation of our By Laws Article III Section 5. I would also request a retraction of section V. Open Agenda of the March 20, 2012 minutes. It contains false information about me that Principal Linda Hill stated she approved.
Agenda items to be added:
1.The new PS 71 K-8 school that will be opening up 1.6 miles from Berta Dreyfus next year. I know we spoke about it before we knew it was definitely a K-8. However with our current population of about 848 students, we need a plan that will retain and bring in more students to our school.
2.Clarity on rumors that on April 20, 2012 an assistant principal took a phone from a student, prior to her passing through scanning and then handed it right back to her after scanning. This is in violation of Chancellor’s Regulation A-412 School Safety Section V.- Vouchering and Confiscation of Contraband subsection D and E.
I apologize for the large amount of members copied, but I included the SLT, DLT, my attorney and the Executive Director of employee Relations.
-Mr. Portelos

It should be noted that I was prevented from attending, never attended one again and after that email, my account was put on a high security filter and would never again reach the DOE email accounts. To this day I can send an email from that specific account to any address and the recipient will never receive it. DIIT personnel stated only high ranking officials can make a call like that.

In any case, I sent that email at 3:25 PM from the basement dungeon, I closed up the laptop, packed my things and took the elevator to the fourth floor. I walked into room 460 where my Children First Network (CFN 211) was housed and heard a woman yelling on the phone. The room is a large open space layout with many cubicles. The woman yelling was on the opposite side of the room and she had her back to the entrance. I heard the following tirade:


Now I am sure that no one else up there knew who she was talking about, but I knew that somehow in the five minutes it took me to pack my stuff, take the elevator and walk in, Principal Linda Hill had read my email, forwarded it to this woman and this conversation took place.

I thought to myself… “Harassment For What…wanting to continue helping the school” I checked out with my supervisor and walked out pretty shocked. Then I stopped cold in my tracks and thought “Forget that…I’m not ignoring this and I want to find out who this woman my principal called was.”

I walked back in and asked “Who is that woman I would like to have a word with her.” The secretary there said “That is Laura Kaiser. Hold on I’ll let her know.”

As she turned around and started to approach me I thought, “I know this woman. She came in to my classroom a year ago and was amazed at what she saw. She even shook my hand and told me she would be in touch after seeing how I created a large 100″ Interactive board with a Wii Remote and $75.”


We exchanged some talk where she reiterated what I heard on the phone. The union is currently suing the DOE because they have prevented me from participating.

I went home and typed in her name into my principal’snow inactive account.

I thought this email was very interesting as it had to do with an audit. I thought “Money Let’s See what the audit found.” Well let’s just say she was found to use the school credit card for personal items, break down payments to a vendor so she would not need approval and in total there was about $40,000 in questionable transactions. See email and link to marked up attachment below. Remember that your tax dollars were funneled in to these allocations.

Staff will tell you that Hill’s common statement was “We don’t have money.”


From: Kaiser Laura
Sent: Thu 2/9/2012 4:09 PM
To: Hill Linda (31r049)
Cc: Mckeon Jean; Kaiser Laura
Subject:Linda,Based on the results of previous audit findings, OAG will begin contacting schools next week to schedule trainings that address the deficiencies identified by the respective audits.

The audit conducted at 31R049 by OAG on 1/18/2011 is attached.

Laura Kaiser
Director of Operations
82-01 Rockaway Boulevard
Queens, NY 11416
Phone (718)642-5757


You can view the attachment I marked up by clicking here. I also FOILed this report and they redacted all the principal’s responses for some reason.

This also lead me to FOIL my principal’s school credit card bills. They are located here


DOE Administrators Not So Confidential Emails Part 1 Integrity

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