Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm Leaves…Finally

Why was someone who closed so many schools, paved theway for Eva Moskowitz to co-locate in our schools and ignore and falsify asbestos contamination in a Staten Island school allowed to stay for a year with the new administration


From: Chancellor Carmen Faria
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2015 2:32 PM
To: Chancellor Carmen Faria
Subject: Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

It is with deep personal regret that I announce a leave pending retirement of Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm, an esteemed colleague who has worked tirelessly to create safe, nurturing environments in which all of our students can learn and thrive.

Those of us who have had the privilege of working with Deputy Chancellor Grimm over her more than 12 years at the DOE know her as highly committed and ethical; one of her most outstanding qualities is her loyalty. No matter the task, she works collaboratively to build bridges to all of our constituencies, from the custodians union to the School Construction Authority to food service operators, and beyond.

Most importantly, she embraces new challenges; upon my arrival as Chancellor she willingly took on new departments, folding them seamlessly into her already substantial portfolio. As a senior member of my leadership team, Deputy Chancellor Grimm has provided a strong foundation for our most critical initiatives, including Pre-K for All, Community Schools, and our expanded school support and safety services. I know that principals, parents, and of course students have benefitted from her meticulous attention to detail and her responsiveness to their needs.

Please join me in thanking Kathleen Grimm for her indelible career and uncompromising devotion to the students of New York City, and in supporting Elizabeth Rose in her role as interim-acting Deputy Chancellor while we undertake a formal search process.

It is comforting to know Kathleen is just a phone call away.

If you would like to contact Kathleen directly, please email her at:




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NYC DOE Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm


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  1. Can we possibly say that the Grimm days of the NYCDOE are over 😉

  2. stench from bloomberg

    slowly but surely, the stench from the mike bloomberg reign of terror is slowly dissipating from the nyc doe. Teachers are running for the hills still while the stench from bloomberg continues but moves like this one of grimm leaving helps

  3. This was the nice lady who told me I would never work in this town again. My crime I submitted, in good faith, a city-wide technology plan, which embarrassed then Technocrat Honcho Charlie Neissner. They used my ideas and marginalized me. I spent four months driving a LIS around the Bronx for an EA-4 salary ($110,000 per annum) until I asked to be reassigned as a teacher. I didn’t go to 8 years of college to be a (albeit well-paid) chauffer.
    Yeah, Kathleen ain’t coming back. I’ll pray for her soul.

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