Dear SCI Informant…

Dear SCI Informant,

I received the package you sent me regarding alleged misconduct at the NYC Special Commissioner of Investigation’s office. I do have questions and was hoping an email from you would follow. The one way communication makes it difficult to ask questions and obtain clarity.

Perhaps you can email me from a fake account.

Also, what do you know about SCI’s abuse of subpoena power and potentially illegal surveillance of NYC DOE employees?


To those reading this and not clear on what this means, I was sent, at least for the second time in my career as an activist, a package from an investigative office working in or with the New York City Department of Education. Inside informants. People are tired of corruption. They need an outlet to properly report and be protected.

Instead, people are reporting and then retaliated against, even by the investigative offices. SCI has engaged in illegal surveillance and even subpoenaed my financial records going at least three years back. Someone’s scared, and I’ll tell you here, it’s not me.

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  1. What is going on and who is reporting you to OSI?

  2. Glad your helping hands. Can I as a discontinued and problem coded teacher here, and get a teaching position in the NYCDOE? I’m a certified Math [7-12] teacher. discontinued since 8/2015, going very rough time. Each time I get a nomination and OPI does give the security clearance and now denied substitute certificate, per session program participant denied, no clear idea how to get back in the DOE.

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